Saturday, February 20, 2016

Epic of Kings: The Game

This post is not directly related to animation techniques. Just wanted to introduce "Epic of Kings" as a game I worked on. It's released recently on Appstore. You may check its trailer here:

 And a game-play video here:

Unreal Engine 4 is used to develop Epic of Kings. 820 animations are used and organized in the game. Unreal engine animation optimization tools helped us a lot here to organize the animations in the game. We didn't let the whole resident animations in memory to exceed 7 MB.

The characters have averagely more than 70 bones which is a high value for mobile games. It's not high for PC/Console games but it's high for mobile games. Having more bones means more memory consumption and more process in calculating skeleton and skin matrices.

Also UE4's animation montage system and animation graphs features helped us a lot to avoid high dimensionality and spaghetti effects while creating animation graphs.

FABRIK IK solution which is very lightweight but great in action is also used at some points for characters' bodies. FABRIK is also provided by UE4 animation system.

Hope you enjoy playing the game and seeing the animations within.

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