Monday, October 15, 2012


Hi all,

I'm an animator and also a technical game developer specialized in animation, i work and study on both technical and artistic sides of animation including ways to compute animation, optimizing animation and AI-Based animation. Also i work as character animator. So in my blog i'm gonna talk about both technical and artistic sides of animation with a perspective of it's application to video game industry. I will categorize my posts in to three main classes:

1- Artistic animation: talking about motion, acting, aspects of 3d animating and maybe some tutorials for animating.

2- Technical Animation: These posts are related to technical animator's tasks, which techniques they apply and more.

3- Animation Programming: These posts are more technical and they say about the various ways of computing and optimizing animations.

I will tag the category of the post at the beginning of it, so you can select your favorite class and read just about what you need.

Have fun

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